Gabe Newell Really Likes Resident Evil 2 And Confirms Valve Is Still Working On VR Games 

Gabe Newell, the president of Valve, has been answering a lot of emails lately and sharing some interesting information about his gaming tastes, the state of Valve, the future of VR and more. The YouTube channel Valve News Network, a

FoxNext VP On Marvel Strike Force’s First Year, The Disney Acquisition, And The Road Ahead

Marvel Strike Force, the mobile character-collection title from FoxNext, is coming up on its one-year ann...

‘Shop Contest: Sonic & Tails Hit The Road, Winners! 

Last week I asked the artistic readers of Kotaku to take Sonic and Tails on a road trip to anywhere. It seemed only fair to let these two best friends and video game legends hit the road and see

Atlus Drops Teaser Trailer For Persona 5: The Royal

Atlus has been teasing something called "Persona 5 R" for some time, but their latest teaser trailer gives us ...

The Google Stadia Backlash Has Begun

While people are still grappling with the technical ramifications of Google’s Stadia platform, gamers have begun asking deeper, more troubling questions. What do mods look like in a world of game streaming? What happens to game preservation? What happe...

This high school drama club put on a stage production of Alien, and it looks fantastic

Picking up the mantle once championed by the (sadly fictional) Max Fisher Players, a high school drama club in Bergen, New Jersey recently put on what looks to be an absolutely amazing staged rendition of Alien. Yes, Alien. Yes, the

Keep Newcomer-Friendly Sequels Coming

I turned 30 this year and am experiencing a sort of quiet realization that will be familiar to a lot of folks pon...

Report: Apple Considering Monthly Gaming Subscription Service

While Google is making waves in the gaming market with its Stadia streaming service, another tech giant is als...

A Glitched Staircase Is Causing A Lot Of Drama In The Division 2

The Division 2 is a huge and highly detailed world, filled with museums, parks, historical buildings and even accurate parking lots. Though players exploring the virtual D.C. wasteland have found an element that literally sticks out from all the rest.

What To Watch This Weekend: Dota 2, Halo 3, And Overwatch

This weekend we have some majors wrapping up, but also a charity event themed around a classic competitive game. T...

Ludicolo Becomes More Powerful When It Dances

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Ludicolo! This Pokemon was

Call of Duty World At War’s Secret Ray Gun Was Annoying For QA Testers

Today we find out what the most popular indie games are on the Switch, learn how to use a calculator to beat a game, finally figure out what plans Google has for gaming, discover Belgium loves a gameshow featuring Tetris

Saturday’s Best Deals: Bose Headphones, Samsung QLED TVs, Reebok Sale, and More

A Nintendo Switch deal, iRobot Roomba, Fire tablets and a MuscleTech Gold Box kick off Saturday’s best deals.Read more...

Listen Up! Bose’s Iconic QC 35 II Noise Canceling Headphones Just Went On Sale 

Bose’s wireless QuietComfort 35 noise-cancelling over-ears are basically a mute button for the rest of the world, and you can get them for $258 at Rakuten today, down from the usual $329-$349. Is that a lot of money? Yes. Is

The Ten Most Interesting Things We Learned At GDC 2019

Click here to watch embedded media All week long we've been rolling out interviews, previews, and features fro...

Neon Genesis Evangelion Finally Hits Netflix June 21

It’s time to get in the robot.

Replay – Sleeping Dogs

Click here to watch embedded media United Front Games' Sleeping Dogs had a long and troubled development cycle...

Blizzard Says Overwatch Toxicity Is Down 40 Percent

Not so long ago, Overwatch was a poster child for toxicity run rampant in competitive multiplayer games. People regularly trolled and spewed vitriol while a barebones report system did little to stem the tide. Oh, what a difference a couple

Celebrate International Puppy Day with these helpful hounds!

Who?s a good boy?! These pups! Celebrate the most majestic creature with these pup-filled games.

Weekend Warrior – The Way Of The Ninja

Last weekend was all about shootin' and lootin' in The Division 2. And while that game will still be gracing our te...

One Year Later, Game Developer Union Discussion Feels Listless

At last year's Game Developers Conference, the industry seemed ready to pounce on the idea of forming unions. ...

Crunchyroll Responds To Concerns About Rising Prices

Today, subscribers to the largest anime streaming service, Crunchyroll, were hit with a 15 percent price hike monthly—spurring complaints from longtime users.Read more...

Valve’s Rocky Road To Better Communication About Steam

Credit to Valve: Over the past 15 years, it’s turned Steam into a megalith and kept it relevant with a steady, if slow, stream of new features. But in continually reacting to problems instead of anticipating them, and by keeping

Splinter IT’S MUELLER TIME | Deadspin Stop Excusing Tom Izzo’s Assholery | TV Club Mötley Crüe biopi

Splinter IT’S MUELLER TIME | Deadspin Stop Excusing Tom Izzo’s Assholery | TV Club Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt makes even the viewer feel the need to shower afterward | The Slot Robert Mueller Went Ahead and Filed His Report | The Root Va.

Breaking Down Marvel Strike Force’s Massive Alliance War Mode

Publisher: FoxNext Games Developer: FoxNext Games Los Angeles Release: Mar...

Dota 2 Now Lets You Bet In-Game Currency On Pro Tournaments

This week Valve rolled out a new smartphone companion app for Dota 2 that makes it easier for fans to keep track of big tournaments, follow the progress of their favorite teams, and get access to in-game stats in real-time.