PUBG Is Bringing Back Dynamic Weather

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds used to have spooky weather like heavy fog and drizzling rain back before the game’s official launch in December 2017. When launch game, weather effects were axed as the game focused on stability. They’re back now, bringin...

Final Fantasy XIV Bard Reimagines Performances As A Rhythm Game

Bards gained the ability to play actual music in Final Fantasy XIV near the end of 2017 and have been annoying bar-goers with their covers of “All Star” and “One Winged Angel” ever since. One talented bard had reimagined Final

Save $100 On Apple’s Excellent New Mac Mini

After years of neglect, Apple finally revived the Mac Mini late last year with a brand new model, featuring four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, a speedier quad core processor, and all-SSD storage. You’ll still need to provide your own monitor and

Raise Your Work Space to New Heights With These Discounted Desks

Eureka Ergonomic Desk Gold Box | Amazon

The Meaning Of Yakuza’s Tattoos

In Japan, tattoos and the yakuza often seem inseparable. Not every gangster has a tattoo and not everyone with a full bodysuit is a gangster, but when pop culture depicts the underworld, anti-heroes come fully inked. Case in point, the

Horror film director Johannes Roberts of 47 Meters Down fame is helming the Resident Evil film reboo

Horror film director Johannes Roberts of 47 Meters Down fame is helming the Resident Evil film reboot. He says it will be “super scary” and will be “getting back to the roots of the game.” Read more...

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Where Dr.

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Where Dr. Stone Lost Me • Warped Pipes: Let’s Talk About Mario & Wario (AKA The Game Where Mario Wears A Bucket) • I’ve Been Avoiding Beating Final Fantasy VII •

Dota Underlords Is Finally Getting Underlords

At this point, I have spent nearly 50 hours with Dota Underlords. I still do not know what an Underlord is. This is because Valve’s early-access auto battler still does not contain its shadowy namesakes. In a matter of weeks,

First, Players Destroyed Their Guitar Controllers, Then Developers Destroyed The Game

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of standing on a stage and smashing a guitar? Last weekend, a new Guitar Hero-style game let a few lucky players do just that, turning a real guitar into splinters and shards after they finished

Now Game Developers Have To Ask Fans Not To Harass Them Over The Epic Store

One of the easiest bits of news to miss on Monday’s Gamescom Opening Night Live show was tucked away in an ad for the Epic Games Store. A simple sizzle reel that showcased a number of games exclusive to the

Mario’s Iconic 1-1 Level Is Way Harder When It’s Vertical

Super Mario Maker 2’s many player-created levels can range from intense deathtraps to clever first-person dungeons. There are also a lot of riffs on the very first Mario level ever, World 1-1. It’s a solid template to build on, one

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GameStop Lays Off Over 100 People, Including Nearly Half Of Game Informer’s Staff

The struggling retail chain GameStop laid off over a hundred employees today, both at its corporate headquarters in Grapevine, Texas and at other offices including its subsidiary Game Informer magazine in Minnesota, where nearly half of the editorial s...

The 10 Best Deals of August 20, 2019

We see a lot of deals around the web over on, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...

Two Of Steam’s Top Games Last Month Were Anime Sex Games

It’s no great secret that Steam is overflowing with anime games intended to titillate portions of its vast user base. But how many people pay attention to these seemingly niche games, really? Turns out, enough people do that two of

Report: Spider-Man Will No Longer Be Shared by Marvel and Sony [UPDATED]

Huge news in the world of superheroes. Deadline reports that Disney and Sony have come to a stalemate in regards to Spider-Man and that Marvel Studios, along with its president Kevin Feige, will no longer be producing Spider-Man films.Read more...

Fallout 76 Group’s Raid Attempt Foiled By Notorious Power Armor Glitch

In Fallout 76, power armor can keep you safe, or it can become a horrible tomb entrapping unsuspecting players until the end of time (or until they reset their game). That’s what happened to one group of players attempting Fallout

Peruvian Tekken Players Shock Visiting Korean Powerhouses

A trio of strong South Korean competitors traveled to Peru last weekend for a major Tekken 7 event, but they were met with fierce resistance by a group of local players who managed to keep Korean players from winning even

Surprise, That Amazing Saga Collection Is Out Tomorrow

Earlier this year, while also announcing that Saga would officially end after 108 issues, Image Comics revealed a gorgeous, humongous collection of all 54 issues of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ beloved sci-fi epic, representing exactly one half ...

The Uplifting Tale Of ‘Dildo Face’, A Sim Who Dared To Dream

Life is rough when your parents gave you the name “Dildo Face.” But why wallow in self-pity when you can engage in a little nominative determinism instead, and find ways to make the name Dildo Face work for you?Read more...

Turns Out Part Of The New Destiny Trailer Leaked Two-And-A-Half Years Ago

The makers of Destiny have a long and storied tradition of reusing content from the cutting room floor, and the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion is no exception, with fans discovering that this week’s new trailer features a cut-scene that was leaked

Preorder and Save on the Multitool of Carabiners

On an infinite timescale, there will eventually be a multitool variant of every conceivable consumer product released on Kickstarter, but this versatile carabiner from the folks who brought us a pretty incredible pen in 2017 makes more sense than most....

Riley and Tim (that’s me!)

Riley and Tim (that’s me!) are playing RAD, a new game that resembles the old game Rogue. It’s by Double Fine! Will we like it just fine, or will we like it twice as much as fine? Or will we

Star Wars Battlefront II Is Bringing The Series’ ‘Instant Action’ Solo Mode Back

It’s been relatively quiet on the Star Wars: Battlefront II…. battlefront. The controversial, mostly multiplayer game has rebounded from a microtransaction-filled 2017 launch with a stream of continuous updatesthat included some amazing Clone Wars batt...

The Sims 4 Is Getting Magic

The Sims 4 Realms of Magic expansion is bringing witchcraft and wizardry to The Sims 4.Read more...

My Language-Learning App Has A Leaderboard And It’s Ruining My Life

I tried to wean myself off my mobile games by learning a new language. Now, instead of being obsessed with tapping on mobile games, I’m obsessed with my language-learning app. Damn it.Read more...